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Friday 12th July 2024

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New regulations for landlords

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Private Hire Vehicle Identification Guide

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Election Countdown
A total of 7 seats will be contested in Egbarton in the local elections on 4th May 2008.

Egbarton City Centre is changing
£25m of improvements to City Centre roads and public spaces is underway providing better road safety and smoother traffic flow
Review of School Structures – Consultation now taking place
Egbarton District Council thanks everyone who responded to its consultation on the Review of School Structures
Emergency Fuel Priority application
EFP Learn all you need to know about the new Government Fuel Priority System and apply for your priority level online today

Apply Online
Festival options 
Councillors will consider the results of the second stage consultation on the new festivals strategy for Egbarton this month....
Abbey Park bunny hunt
Youngsters are invited to join in the holiday fun at Fountain Park with the Easter bunny hunt this Sunday (16th)....